Specific Aim

To develop and evaluate an App for the web and mobile platforms (i.e., Android, iPhone/iPad, Blackberry, Windows Phone 7) that:

  1. creates tailored cancer screening recommendations using relevant variables (i.e., age, gender, race, cancer history);
  2. educates individuals about screening procedures;
  3. provides cancer prevalence and mortality data by US state;
  4. provides a list of pros and cons of screening;
  5. includes a decision tool to aid in the decision making process;
  6. provides testimonials of individuals who did or did not screen;
  7. offers a comprehensive action plan that:
    1. links to insurer's websites to locate physicians that provide screening;
    2. assist in communicating ones decision to screen or not to screen to the provider;
    3. links to organizations that provide information about free screenings for the under-insured;
  8. provides reminders about upcoming screening appointments;
  9. provides mental health resources for screening-related emotional distress.

Theoretical Framework

The proposed application is based on a comprehensive self-regulation framework, which delineates the cognitive and affective factors influencing health communication, information processing, preparation and decision making (Leventhal, 1970, Janz & Becker, 1984; Miller, at al, 1996, Carver and Scheier, 1998). Key elements of this self-regulation framework are:

  1. cancer-relevant beliefs and expectations, including self-efficacy beliefs, and beliefs and goals about cancer, screening, and treatment;
  2. cancer-relevant affective and emotional states;
  3. perceived competencies and skills for generating and maintaining goal-oriented health-protective behaviors.

In the proposed App we will incorporate all three key components by addressing commonly found individual beliefs and expectations, provide reassuring messages to reduce potential negative affective states, and provide detailed action plans and reminders to facilitate the adherence to recommended screening procedures.