The proposed App is innovative in several ways as it incorporates four "first achievements": It is the first App that:

  1. informs patients about their screening options, tailored according to their age, race, gender, and family history of cancer;
  2. supports and assists patients in their cancer screening decision making;
  3. identifies health care providers and facilities
  4. provides reminders for actual and future screening events.

The App is further innovative as it is guided by an established and comprehensive theoretical framework spearheaded by an experienced team consisting of a nationally known behavioral scientist and expert in decision making, and a software developer team with many years of working in the health care market.

Significance and Impact.

The proposed App with its four "Firsts" addresses important priorities within the cancer continuum as identified by the National Cancer Institute. Screening is a corner stone of secondary prevention. However, screening is not uniformly recommended for every individual. Important demographic, family history, and lifestyle factors determine who is most at risk for developing cancer and who would be eligible for screening. For some people inherent properties of screening tests make the decision to be screened difficult for some individuals. We address this problem by providing comprehensive screening information, pros and cons of the screening procedure, a decision aid, testimonials of patients who went through the decision process, help with finding physicians who perform the necessary screening procedure (both for insured and uninsured individuals), emotional support and the ability to be reminded about the screening procedure in the future. Thus, we expect that the proposed App will dramatically increase the number of people who will make well-informed screening decisions, and who will adhere to their recommended screening schedule, through the individual reminder system. The proposed App represents an exciting and innovative new approach to screening decision-making and adherence which will be made available for the most common mobile platforms (i.e., iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows 7) and the Internet.