Development Team

The team consists of Michael A. Diefenbach, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Urology and Oncological Sciences, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, and Kevin Durr, Vice-President and Founder of notsoldseparately, a software and interactive agency in Medford, NJ.

DurrNotsoldseparately is a company that specializes in developing custom applications and creating innovative user experiences particularly in the health care arena. Recent projects include:

  1. a comprehensive Cancer Risk Assessment portal for Fox Chase Cancer Center
  2. an interactive decision aid for Tamoxifen and Raloxifene for high risk women
  3. a journaling application for women going through breast cancer treatment at UCLA
  4. a medication dispersal system for Rapid Patient Monitoring

Diefenbach Dr. Diefenbach is a social/health psychologist whose research is concerned with exploring treatment decision making among patients diagnosed with early stage prostate and breast cancer. Dr. Diefenbach has an active research program that is supported by the NCI and the Department of Defense. He is a past recipient of a Fulbright fellowship, served as program chair for the annual meeting of the Society of Behavioral Medicine in 2010, and received the C.Tracy Orleans Distinguished Service Award from SBM. He has been a member of the BMIO study section at NIH and several DOD review panels for clinical health studies in the area of breast and prostate cancer. He is the principal investigator and co-developer of the Prostate Interactive Education System (PIES), a CD-ROM and web-based patient education and decision tool (Diefenbach & Butz, 2004). PIES was evaluated in a randomized feasibility and acceptibility study and found to reduce decisional conflict among prostate cancer patients compared to usual care (Diefenbach, et al., under review).

Dr. Diefenbach is also a co-investigator of a NCI-funded program project (Al Marcus, Ph.D., PI) that developed in collaboration with the Cancer Information Service three interactive multimedia health education and decision websites for prostate and breast cancer patients and breast cancer survivors. The Diefenbach and Durr teams have worked closely together at the design and testing of these three websites. More recently the team received a DOD award to develop and test an App for vasomotor symptom control among prostate cancer patients undergoing androgen deprivation therapy. This App will be developed for a mobile platform (iTouch and iPhone).

Taken together, the development team combines an extensive collaborative history with unique skills in software design, behavioral theory and intervention development. Mr. Durr's team represents cutting-edge technology, innovative design, and on-time delivery of projects. Dr. Diefenbach's team has extensive experience in behavioral theory development, outcomes research, and intervention design in key areas of the cancer prevention and control continuum.